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Wishing Well: One per deck, per wish. Please comment.
Shalini - A choice card from a show that has ended
Ariad - Everyone gets a choice episode card.

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Hey everyone! So we've got a few things I'd like to update you all on. First and foremost, as always since it's a new month, Card Claims have been exchanged with new cards, Melting Pot as well. I'm trying to work on applet free Puzzles but for some reason I can't get them to work. So bear with me! You still should be able to play the puzzles as long as you're using another browser than Chrome. I personally like to use Firefox, as long as my java is up to date, the puzzles still load.

I'm still hiring for staff! So head over to this thread for more information. If you're available to help, it would be awesome since I'm taking on a couple more TCG projects over this season.

Next order of business! Cinema, my sister movie TCG is in the works and is coming together well! I need YOUR help with decks. I have a special deal for all you Showtime players! For every 5 deck image donations to Cinema, as a Showtime player you will receive a 3 random cards reward, PLUS 1 extra random card bonus in your Cinema starter pack (should you choose to join). That could rack up to a nice size starter pack when you join Cinema! If you have any questions regarding this, please do so at the forums which I will be posting momentarily after posting this update. Head over to the Cinema forums in the News section for the claims thread before sending in your donations. That way there are no duplicate donations. Then either use the contact form to send in your donations or PM on the forums.

Lastly. GUESS WHAT!! This is a BIG update for us because today marks Showtime's 2 year anniversary!!! Wow!!! To celebrate, I'd love for you all to take cards spelling 2 Year Anniversary (of course the first card being a #02 card, max 2 cards per deck and mastery is okay). We have a lot of freebies this update but it's all good cause we're still adding more decks!

So that's all for now. This became quite a lengthy update. See you all next week!

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