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Wed, Oct 19 2016


New members: Ran-chan, . Welcome!
Level Ups: Cherry (level 6), Cherry (level 7), Jane (level 2), Jane (level 3), Jane (level 4), Shalini (level 5), Shalini (level 6),
Masteries: Aija (criminalminds-thepact), Aija (supernatural-bornbadsign), Aija (himym-robinsherbatsky), Cherry (glee-pilot), Cherry (glee-thebreakup), Cherry (glee-thequarterback), Cherry (gossipgirl-chuckblair), Cherry (misfits-thestorm), Cherry (twd-rickgrimes), Cherry (twd-daryldixon), Cherry (twd-darylbeth), Cherry (twd-bethgreene), Cherry (tvd-stefansalvatore), Cherry (tvd-pilot), Cherry (tvd-klausmikaelson), Cherry (got-fireandblood), Cherry (tvd-elenagilbert), Christine (drwho-watersofmars), Fina (himym-barneyrobin), Fina (castle-espositoryan), haleyrenee (twd-darylbeth), haleyrenee (twd-bethgreene), haleyrenee (twd-daryldixon), haleyrenee (twd-rickgrimes), Jane (human-johndorian), Jane (human-dorian), Jane (human-johnkennex), Jane (human-season1), Jane (sense8-sunbak), Lyn (ggirls-lukelorelai), Pam (tvd-houseguest), Pam (angel-hero), Rainey (charmed-paigematthews), Rainey (castle-richardcastle), Rainey (supernatural-bennylafitte), Shalini (friends-rachelgreen), Shell (glee-marleyrose), Shell (sense8-kaladandekar), Shell (buffy-danielosbourne), Varka (castle-espositoryan),

Wishing Well: One per deck, per wish. Please comment.
Varka & Kayori - Please release the Castiel deck from Supernatural.
Maxie - An Outlander deck release
Lyn - Play the weekly games twice
Marina - 3 choice yellow colored cards

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You may take a total of 10 cards, no more than 2 per deck;
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You can alternatively use the update randomizer to take cards.

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry for missing last week. I had some stuff going on, some stuff come up and honestly I just completely forgot! So to make up for it, double deck release! As well as a couple extra wishes granted!

I see lots of masteries these last couple of weeks. Congrats to you all! I'll be working on your deck donations today and tomorrow now that my other stuff is taken care of.

There seems to be deck votes coming in blank. Again, I need to remind everyone to make sure you are logged into your member panel when voting, it does not go through and it comes in blank when submitted otherwise. So please please make sure you're logged in because your votes are not counted.

A couple more site skins will be up by next update! Also expect a few other changes to happen in the next couple of days. If something seems out of whack, please don't submit an error or contact form, just bear with me :) If an issue persists by the weekend, just let me know on the forums. The Test TCG will be up by next update and there will be a link. I know I said that before it was coming, but due to some personal life stuff that had come up I did not get a chance to get that up.

Lastly, I'm still looking for staff members. So if you have some time to help out around here, please visit our forums for what positions are open!

That's all for now. See you all next update!

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